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Hey Med Supply Hygiene Kit

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Imagine living in a place where you did not have access to running water and could not bathe or brush your teeth.

Now imagine having access to water but not being able to get the products that you need for proper hygiene.

And what about those who have no home or permanent shelter? Where can they turn to to clean their hands, take a shower, and take care of every-day basic hygiene needs?

Hygiene kits are life changing consumable goods that everyone can use every day in communities around the world, and are very helpful for those that are suffering or recovering from recent disruptions.

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons including: personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a way of life. Hygiene is a universal need so these hygiene kits can be distributed anywhere!

Hey Med Supply has a dedicated assortment of products and kits that are perfect homeless shelter donation items. We firmly believe that not having a home should never mean that any person lacks the most important essentials needed for health, wellness, and safety. Our bulk hygiene kits provide basic personal care necessities for those in need. This includes homeless outreach, emergency preparedness, disaster relief, kindness care kits, and more!

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