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Can't find a product we use to sale?

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Read below to save more and have access to more products:

HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS! If you are an end user and or purchasing for an end user (not reselling) then you can sign-up at our parent company www.BlairIndustries.com to access over 60,000 products and exclusive discounted pricing.

Due to manufactures wanting to control pricing for online sellers. Some products may not be available through HeyMedSupply.com anymore or other platforms and pricing may have gone up for those that have stayed.

Account approval takes no more than 24 hours and pricing is less than HeyMedSupply.com of which we can reserve only for end users only. Over 60,000 products are available, combined with great pricing for end users only.

Message us today if any questions at CS@BlairIndustries.com or if during normal business hour Monday-Friday 9 am- 5 pm EST use our Live Chat. 

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